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Queer owned. Queer operated.

How many times have you gone searching the internet for queer apparel only to find a sad array of tacky and blindingly colorful t-shirts, and not much else? Us to! That's why we use minimal designs and subdued colors, so you can make a statement with our products and let your personality take the lead.
Beyond Binary was started in January of 2019 by a queer couple with a mission. Often the businesses that sell Pride gear don't include queer people in any part of the creation or profit. We wanted to create a brand that was queer from top to bottom, and universal enough to be enjoyed by anyone from any queer identity. Thus, Beyond Binary was born.
We keep the money within the community by hiring queer artists, designers, models, photographers, and ambassadors.
Ivy and Avery, Cofounders of Beyond Binary
Co-founders, Avery Gardiner and Ivy Staples.
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